“That they may be one, as we are one” John 17:22

As one of the many branches of the Franciscan Family, we observe the Holy Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, living in Evangelical Poverty, Consecrated Chastity, Filial Obedience, and in Fraternal Community.

We share in the universal mission of the church with the specific character transmitted by our founder: re-education of youth. This is our charism. Our founder has this to say:
“You my beloved children constituted by Jesus little shepherds of His flock, are the ones to go after the lost sheep, until you bring them back to the flock of the Good Shepherd”
 Living the spirituality and mission of our congregation, offers us an environment conducive to the integral development of our person in Christ, as well as tested instruction for advancing in a joyful spirit along the road of charity.


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Mater Dolorosa Parish, Amigonian Fathers, 19th Ave., East Rembo Makati City, - Philippines